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Teacher Assistant

Types of schools in Australia

educator standing infront of a black board

Types of schools in Australia

Often shortened to Kindy and generally undertaken around the age of 4 for 12 months. Kindergarten is not compulsory however it is very common for parents to enrol their children in kindy when they are old enough. Kindy programs are not always operated by schools and many childcare services offer kindy programs.

Pre-primary is the first year of formal schooling and starts at around 5 years of age. Pre-primary is full time and is compulsory in some states such as Western Australia. You can think of pre-primary as half way between kindy and primary school. Pre-primary is operated and delivered by early childhood teachers employed by a primary school.

High School
High school, also known as secondary school or college, covers the years 7-12.

  • Teachers are specialists in learning areas such as maths or science
  • Students generally move from class to class approximately every hour

Special needs
Students with learning difficulties or disabilities have an equal opportunity to an education under law. Generally speaking parents can choose:

  • To have their child mainstreamed, meaning the child will attend a mainstream school often with additional support such as an assigned EA.
  • To send their child to a special needs school with funding and facilities that specialise in the delivery of education to students with additional needs or impairments.


CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support

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