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How to find work as a teacher assistant

person searching the internet for employment as a teacher aide

How to find work as a teacher assistant

Most EAs begin their career by undertaking relief work first. Once you have proved yourself to the school, they will hopefully offer you more permanent work when a position becomes available:

1. Prepare your resume (see sample in your course portal)
2. Write a simple 1-page cover letter (optional) explaining your availability
3. Obtain your clearances
4. Make 50 job packs by photocopying the following and put into large envelopes:

  • Resume
  • Cover page
  • Copy of clearances/ID
  • Copies of relevant certificates

5. Wear appropriate and professional clothing
6. Personally go to all schools that you are willing to travel to and:

  • Hand over a job pack to each school,
  • Ask to be considered for any positions
  • Ask to be placed on the relief list

Important point:
Special needs schools are generally located within the larger primary or high school. However, they are separate schools with their own principal, teachers, EAs and classrooms. Make sure that you submit your job packs to both schools.

Some states have online notice boards or job boards where you can find and apply for advertised positions. In many cases, the position is awarded to a person who is already known to the school and has worked in the school previously. For this reason, we recommend beginning with relief work at more than one location.


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