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A teacher assistant's guide to literacy support

educator helping a student learn literacy skills

A teacher assistant's guide to literacy support

As an education assistant, you have the very important role to support student’s literacy development. Depending on the needs of your classroom teacher and the students, you have the responsibility to:

  • Work with individual students to help them learn and practice (such as spelling)
  • Work with small groups to help them complete a task (such as a project)
  • Assist the teacher to develop resources, make adjustments to resources and ensure resources are ready for use
  • Work with students who require additional support such as students with disabilities, who are behind or struggling or who have behavioural issues
  • Report to the teacher on a regular basis so s/he can monitor progress and plan appropriately
  • Ensure equipment is prepared, used, cleaned and stored as per the manufacturers guidelines
  • Support the teacher as an extra ‘set of hands’ and an extra ‘set of eyes’
  • Plan for, predict, monitor, act on and follow up on behaviour issues as directed by your teacher to maximise student learning and minimise off task behaviour
  • Work in the best interests of students to achieve the goals of the lesson, task or project
  • Use appropriate strategies to help students acquire new skills and knowledge in order to continually improve
  • Assist with the day to day logistics (organising, cleaning, directing, reinforcing instructions, general tasks)
  • Assist with the cycle of monitoring, reviewing and planning to assist in meeting student needs. This normally involves assisting and providing feedback to the teacher on a regular basis.


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