• Enrolment Form

    Thank-you for choosing FTTA and welcome! By enrolling in a Nationally Recognised Qualification you have taken the first step towards a new and exciting career.

    Before you begin filling in this form, it is important to:

    • Read the information on our website including the student handbook
    • Obtain a USI (unique student identifier) from
    • Write down what payment option you will choose (see the fee tab under your course).
    • Have bank account or credit card details ready for payment or direct debit set-up.

    Please submit any concession cards or other documents with your application. Without these we cannot process your application. Please submit by email, visiting our office or by mail. Additional information or documents we may require:

    • Identification: Most students will take a photo of their ID and email the photo to (make sure details are clear). You may alternatively scan and email, post or visit us.
    • USI: The USI is required by the government for all students undertaking a VET qualification. It is free and easy to obtain from
    • Other documents: If you are applying for higher level courses, RPL or a specialist program, you will need to submit documents to FTTA (speak to a student adviser for details).
    • Concession cards: You are considered a concession card holder if you hold a valid concession card at the date of enrolment. We will need a copy for your file.
    • Fee waivers and other forms or evidence: Other documents, forms or evidence can be submitted to, by mail or by visiting us.
  • Payment of fees

    • At the end of this form you will be redirected to the Direct Debit payment page.
    • This page will ask for either bank details or credit card details which is used for your monthly Direct Debit(DD) charge (if choosing a payment option).
    • Ensure that you have either bank details (BSB, Account Number, Account holder name) or credit card details ready.
    • Using DD is required for all payment options.

    Hint: Direct Debit is where an agreed amount of money is transferred from your bank account usually once a month. Direct Debit is cheaper than using a credit card however students should be aware that banks or institutions may charge a dishonour fee if there is insufficient funds in your account.

    If you have any questions during your application please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 858 191.

    Note that you cannot save your application (it has to be done in one sitting) so it is best to be prepared before you begin.

    Important: It is best to use the back button on top and bottom of this form and not the back button on your browser.

  • If on a Visa:

  • Emergency contact

  • Secondary course contact

    By completing this section you are giving FTTA permission to contact the individuals below if for example we cannot contact you. Please inform these individuals that FTTA may contact them at some stage. This section is optional but recommended.

  • Payment options

  • ***Please double check the sections above carefully. Information provided here must be correct as it is used to populate the payment page.***

  • Statistical Survey

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Withdrawing before the census date

  • Withdrawing after the census date

  • Payment of fees

  • General terms

  • Privacy Notice and Student Declaration

  • Agreement

    I have read and understood this agreement, the handbook and other information provided. I understand that it is legally binding and I will honour this agreement. I am over the age of 18 or are the legal guardian.

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